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Admission Process

a. Students desirous of taking admission into 1st year of +2 and +3 Degree course (First University) are required to apply in the prescribed form along with required documents within 15 days from the date of publication of result.

b. Application for admission received after the scheduled date will be summarily rejected.

c. Application form for admission can be obtained from the College Office on payment of Rs. 50/- in cash. Candidates desirous of obtaining form and prospectus by post are required to send Rs. 50/- more in ordinary postage or more for Regd. Post extra by M.O. However, the College will not be responsible for any Postal delay or loss.

d. A Copy of the printed prospectus and an Official receipt of Rs. 50/- towards the cost of application form will be pro- vided along with the application form.

2. :

a. Five obligatory subjects of a CBSE student passing Class- X will be taken into account for selection.

b. 12% for ST and 08% for SC and 03% for Handicapped students are kept reserved. No seat can be kept reserved for students passing out of supplementary/Instant Examination.

c. For applicants who have represented the University or the state at all India level in sports, Games NSS or NCC activities will be given weightage of an additional 5% marks over and above the percentage of marks secured by them in the last qualifying examination.

d. For applicants who have secured A/B Certificates in NCC will gate an additional weightage of 5% and 10% marks respectively over and above the percentage of marks se- cured in the qualifying examination.

e. Applicants in prossession of Junior Red Cross Certificate will be given weightage of 3% marks subject to the production of certificate counter signed by the secretary J.R.C.

f. Selected students should remain present during admission with all Original documents /Certificates. Candidates failing to take admission on the scheduled date and time shall forfeit their Claim for admission. No extension of time is al- lowed for admission.

g. All the above rules are subject to modification as per Government order/instruction. Aggregate marks mean exclud- ing the 4th optional of the candidate, Admission will be made strictly on the basis of merit.

3. The following documents are to be produced at the time of admission:

a. Original school / College leving Certificate, Conduct Certificate and other Certificates for which weightage is claimed.

b. Original Mark sheet of the qualifying examination.

c. Four stamp size photographs duly attested by a gazetted officer.

d. Original caste certificate in case of Scheduled Caste/Tribe students. (For details see Prospectus)

Admission Rules

1. The academic session ranges from June to May. Classes usually commence after the summer vacation and the reopening date is notified by the Principal.

2. Admission to different Classes begins after the publication of the results of various examinations till the date as prescribed by and C.H.S.E., Odisha and Fakir Mohan University, Vyasa Vihar, Balasore, Odisha.

2. Admission to different Classes begins after the publication of the results of various examinations till the date as prescribed by and C.H.S.E., Odisha and Fakir Mohan University, Vyasa Vihar, Balasore, Odisha.

3. Undertaking : Before a student is admitted to the college he/she or his/her guardian (if he/she is below 18 years of age) has to sign an undertaking in specified form to the effect that the student shall abide by the rules of the college (vide Article 107 of the O.C. Act., 1969)

4. Identity Card : Students are advised to always keep with them their Identity Card which will avail them to all privileges of college and appearing different Exams also. Failure to produce Identity Card on demand will lead to punishment.

i. A student taking T.C./C.L.C. in the middle of the year shall submit his/her identity card in the college office.

ii. Duplicate Identity Card can be issued only by payment of Rs. 10/- and submission of attested passport photo..

iii. The Identity Card shall be surrendered in the college office as and when the Principal so desires.

5. How to submit Application : (For staff members)

i. All written applications addressed to the Principal.

6. Interview Hours : Students should not ordinarily enter into the college office, Staff Common Room and Principal's Office, without permission. Only one student at a time may be permitted to have his/ her inter- view with the Principal with prior permission/ through the concerned H.O.D. or the Lecturer in charge.

7. Payment of Fees and Fines :

i. Fees must be paid upto 2 P.M. on working days Name will be struck off from the attendance register from the next month if fees are not paid for the month.

ii. Exemption from default fine or readmission fee cannot be claimed by students, it solely rests on the discretion of the Principal.

iii. Any fine imposed on the students will be realised along with tution fees.

iv. All other outstanding fees and fines including the tuition fees collected from the student before they are allowed to fill up the application form for the University / CHSE Examination.

v. Result/Promotion to the next higher class for C.H.S.E. students shall be withheld who do not clear up their college dues.

8. C.L.C., T.C., Conduct Certificate, Mark Sheet etc. :

i. Students intending to apply for C.L.C., T.C. Conduct Certificate and Mark sheet etc. should apply in the prescribed form, obtainable from college office along with the required fee deposited in the counter and the receipt attached with the application.

ii. The application is to be submitted three clear days before the certificate is wanted by the student. Fees payable for Certificate :

9. Dress Code :

All the students are required to have a glimpse of the "COLLEGE DRESS CODE" available in the office. (Black Colour Pant and Light Blue Colour Shirt).

Cycle Stand :

Cycle must be padlocked and kept in the Cycle stand.

Discipline in General :

i. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that will not tarnish the good name of their alma mater. Regular attendance,maintenance of silence in the class room and College Library, proper use of leisure hours, healthy participation in the activities of the college provide a sense of belonging to the Institution. Students should treat their fellow students as brothers and sisters and their teachers and guardians as superiors.

ii. Students should not be rude to the office staff and should not behave with them in a discourteous manner. Any complain regarding official lapses should be brought to the notice of the Principal.

iii. Students are forbidden to ride motorcycles, scooters and two wheelers within the campus during the college hour. They will be penalised if found so.

iv. Students should stand in a queue at all counters i.e. while depositing the college dues, Receive of Library Books or for any other purpose.

v. Free studentship and aids from the SSG, Scholarships and other financial assistance may be withdrawn from a student if he/she is-found irregular in attending classes or examinations or if he/she is involved in any act of indiscipline.

10. Lecture tutorials, practicals and Remedial Classes : As soon as the Tutorial/practical or Remedial Group in +2 & +3 Classes are formed a student must find out to which group he / she has been assigned. If a student is not assigned to any group he / she should bring it to the immediate notice of the Prof. In-charge of the time table.


i. Students must be in the class room before the Lecturer enters the class and be attentive.

ii. Students not connected with a lecture should not assemble on front of the lecture-hall or make no noise in the vicinity.

iii. Students are forbidden to loiter on the college verandah when classes are going on.

iv. Students coming late and seeking permission to attend the class may be allowed at the discretion of the concerned lecturer.

v. Students found disturbing in any way inside the college cam- pus, particularly in the classes, shall be liable for disciplinary action.

Ragging in any form is strictly forbidden. Students found eve-teasing or ragging shall be severely dealt with and run the risk of being expelled.

Any disobedience, misbehave by any student to any member of the staff of the college will be severely dealt with and the concerned student will be liable for expulsion from the college.

Any disobedience, misbehave by any student to any member of the staff of the college will be severely dealt with and the concerned student will be liable for expulsion from the college.

12. Notice :

i. All office orders, decisions and instructions are displayed on the college Notice Board placed at different points in the college premises. Every student is expected to go through the notices to be aware of the information. Ignorance of any sort due to negligence or otherwise on the part of a student, shall not be accepted as an excuse. Students are forbidden to remove, scrap and notices from the Notice Board. If found, the student will be penalised.

ii. Every student should go through the College Calendar, Prospectus and Lesson Plan in his/ her own interest.

13. Use of College Premises and Property :

i. Students should not spit on the walls, floors, pillars or doors of the college building, nor they should damage, disfigure college walls and paths in any manner.

ii. Students must not temper with college electric fittings, furniture, laboratory fitting, apparatus, library books, journals, news papers, catalogues etc. In case of any damage to the college property the cost of the property along with the fine shall be realised from the concerned student.

14. Punishment

For any breach of discipline concerned student shall be punished by a fine or by expulsion or restriction or be detained or weeded out as is deemed proper. The above is only

15. Attendance

A Student is required to attend 75% of the attendance of the lectures and tutorials or practical classes taken separately during the session. Concession may be granted only to the extent of FIFTEEN percent in exceptional cases for +2-Students & for +3-Students, provided that the Council/ the University may grant exemption of shortage on attendance to the extent of FIVE. Percent when the candidates represent the Institution for specific purpose to be recorded in writing.